Market and target audience

CryptoPlants is a project designed to play on the web, from computer, tablet or mobile, with access to everyone. No previous knowledge about cryptocurrencies is required. Therefore, we use successful games like PvZ, Bloons TD to compare with our game. We understand the importance of what NFTs game provides: real ownership, play to earn real value, market implementation for NFTs.

Target Audience

  • Gamers: most fans of the PVZ genre, farming, agriculture, among others, with a target audience under 50 years old with mobile or PC.
  • Collectors/Investors: the value/uniqueness of the plants is protected. Every change or new seed supply system will be discussed with the community before applying it in the game.
Unique selling point
Focus on the game as its own currency. Plants and seeds can be purchased with the STK token.
Improved marketplace: high commissions are avoided and the transaction process is facilitated. The SKT token is all you need in our marketplace.
The community owns the game: Every change, every game mode, features will be discussed by the representatives (our regional moderators).