Introduction of the project
Cryptoplants Club is a web browser based NFT game, which seeks to be recognized as the best of the gardening based crypto-projects. In this world you will be able to raise, sow, harvest and grow your own plants, taking care of them from the various climates and pests that may exist and of course, scare those pesky crows away from our crop.
Everyone has the same possibilities to get plants. A seed can become any plant, from the most common to the rarest.
Rental: each player has the possibility to have on his farm. In it, you can have 4 basic plants plus 1 mother tree. These plants can also be used in all future game modes. The main game tab will allow you to buy seeds/plants in the Market, tools, skins and various other things.
In addition, we will use an oracle and stable coin system to limit earnings based on the amount of money our players spend in the game.
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