Undeads (PvP System)

The first PvP mode available on Cryptoplants Club Renaissance, Undeads.
Do you feel like you want to attack your neighbor enemies? This will be the start of the PVP System and it will bring a lot of possibilities, starting by attacking other farms, just by buying the Undead egg you will be able to attack and have the chance to win.
You will need to raise your undeads to be able to attack. Those undeads will give you the chance to attack farms by 15 times (their durability), also, those attacks will have a chance to success, from 30% to 80% (depending on the rarity) and their type.
If you succeed an attack: - Your target will lose 40% of its daily plant productivity, which: * 10-30% goes to the attacker. * 10% goes to the system (by default). - The target will have a 10% chance of losing a random tool (water, pots, greenhouses).
The only way to protect yourself is that you will have the chance to buy an undead shield for your farm, that will last only 24 hours.