Level System And Durability

The new level system and our new durability:
- As announced before, we have introduced a new burning points system, our goal with this system is just to reduce and fix the amount of circulating plants in our farm, giving a controlled and a deflationary amount together with the durability system.
¿Why do you've added durability into the plants?
- On the recent days, we've noticed an insane growth on the people profit, and our farm were originally designed to give the people between 10% and 50% of the original invested amount, so, according to the "regular" harvest times on our farm, we just set the actual plants durability to 3, that includes origins, etc, meanwhile, each plant on our shop will get 5 durability points. With this we would like to balance the game for low and for our top investors. Each durability will be deducted on harvest.
Besides that, we designed our level system to create new strategies between the players, this level system will change the game for everyone as it maximizes the profits from each plant:
- Level 2 (x2.5 productivity) needs:
* 2 burning points
* 4 elemental essences
* 1 leaves
- Level 3 (x5 productivity) needs:
* 4 burning points
* 8 elemental essences
* 2 leaves
- Level 4 (x10 productivity) needs:
* 8 burning points
* 16 elemental essences
* 4 leaves
- Level 5 (x20 productivity) needs:
* 16 burning points
* 32 elemental essences
* 8 leaves
- Level 6 (x40 productivity) needs:
* 32 burning points
* 64 elemental essences
* 16 leaves
- Level 7 (x80 productivity) needs:
* 64 burning points
* 130 elemental essences
* 35 leaves
- Level 8 (x160 productivity) needs:
* 128 burning points
* 300 elemental essences
* 70 leaves
- Level 9 (x320 productivity) needs:
* 256 burning points
* 600 elemental essences
* 150 leaves
- Level 10 (x640 productivity) needs:
* 512 burning points
* 1300 elemental essences
* 400 leaves
Leveled plants will have their original productivity nerf, that means that the weathers, locusts, ect will just affect them as a level 1 plant. Undeads meanwhile will be taking their 50% daily total productivity (2.5 daily at lvl 3). Besides that, we've created 2 new materials: elemental essences and also leaves. Each elemental essence will be sold on our internal shop with BUSD with the tools with an affordable price and also, you will be able to drop leaves doing your daily watering quest.