Farm Mode

CryptoPlants Farm Mode is the first mode of the game, where you can buy plants in the marketplace to start harvesting them, you can also get seeds in the market, apart from that you can have fun just watering other people's plants, an easier way to enter the CryptoPlants world.
The initial investment to play our game is 25$ (ON SKT token) according to the Oracle Price of the moment using our official exchange (
You will have the opportunity to purchase non-NFT plant bundles and start playing, with different benefits than NFT plants.
In addition, you have to watch out for crows and locusts, the crows will pause the production of the plants, while the locusts will consume part of the production of the plants, you have to watch out for them. You can loss production by:
  • Forgetting to water your plants.
  • Weather.
  • Locusts.
  • Not having a pot on your plant.
You can see an image of how our farm mode is: