Token sales and allocation
Token sale: CPC tokens are offered in three phases:
  • Initial public pre-sale: Directly with our dev team, in order to build the liquidity to launch the project and do the token audits (Done).
  • Private sale: With the owners of the initial efficient farming package, owners and content creators with their whitelists. The pre-sale will be live on November 27 on Pinksale.
  • Public sale: Launched directly on Apeswap on December 20th.
After both sales, 80% will be injected liquidity into Pancakeswap, 15% will be added to development and 5% will be donated to charity. Actually, all tokens will be under the assigned vesting (Private pre-sale: 25% initially and 10% monthly, Public pre-sale: 20% initially and 15% monthly).
Strategic partnerships: Once a strategic partnership is formed, we will use our proprietary viral and mass marketing techniques, high impact marketing and our expertise through our social channels to contribute to the growth and success of the game.
Team and advisors: 100% of the team token is locked in and is gradually released 5% every 3 months. The team token will be distributed in full 24 months after the ICO. This ensures team commitment and encourages long-term goals.
Community and Marketing: will perform various ecosystem building initiatives, including marketing, rewards, incentive programs and more, in addition to project development.
Reserves: for stakes rewards, among other funds needed for solid stability.
Play to Earn Rewards: will be used to incentivize those players who earn the stable coin by participating in competitions and other in-game activities. This design is to encourage user participation in the game and maintain traction.
Dex Liquidity: Amount available in pancakeswap.
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